Privacy Policy for participants in a lawsuit

Privacy Policy for participants in a lawsuit

– for counterparties, participants, witnesses, business partners, secondary partici-pants and others involved in the legal and ethical case management

At Labora Legal, we take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Confidentiality, trust and secrecy obligations form part of our DNA. This Privacy Policy is aimed at the partic-ipants in a lawsuit whose personal data we are processing in connection with our services and legal advice. Therefore, this Privacy Policy supplements our general Privacy Policy – which you can read here.

You may contact Labora Legal for any questions regarding the collection and processing of personal data by email to:

Types of personal data and where we get them from

In connection with our case handling and in consideration of the range of our counselling fields, we can collect all types of personal data about you from a number of different sources. Typically, we receive such information from our client, your representative, witnesses or other participants, or from yourself.

We will only collect necessary and relevant personal data about you for the purpose of our services and legal advice and assistance.

We can and may be obliged to collect and process ordinary and/or sensitive personal data such as civil registration number(s) and information on any offences and crimes if this should be necessary for the case in connection with establishing, defending or enforcing legal claims.

Purpose and legal basis for processing

We only process your personal data for the purpose of our legal advice to you, about you or against you.

In such cases, the processing takes place on a legal basis, for instance in connection with establishing, submitting or defending a legal claim as well as in relation to a balancing of interests in the form of establishing, defending or enforcing a legal claim and/or a legal obligation. Processing may also be necessary for handling conflicts and procedures. The balancing of interests consists in our client’s need for legal advice and for establishing, defending or handling a legal claim as opposed to the respect for the individual’s personal data.

Your personal data will as a predominant rule be comprised by our secrecy obligation and we will not disclose them to any third parties, unless we have a legal obligation to do so, including under the code of professional ethics of lawyers, for the purpose of establishing, defending or handling legal claims.


We will retain your personal data as long as necessary in relation to the relevant purpose. This will in principle mean that personal data are stored for 25 years, but there may be longer or shorter storage periods.

Data Controller

The law firm of the responsible partner will be the data controller for the processing of your personal data.


As participant in a lawsuit, you have a number of rights, for instance the right to gain access to the processing of your data and to require that personal data be erased. However, these rights may be restricted to certain situations or be subject to certain conditions, including a secrecy obligation. For further information about the rights of the data subject, including a request to exercise such rights, we refer to our policy on the rights of the data subject.