Code of Professional Ethics of Lawyers

Labora Legal is an office partnership comprising independent law firms that are operated on a private level.

Each of us is appointed by the Danish Ministry of Justice and a member of the Danish Bar and Law Society. We have taken out liability insurance and have provided a guarantees according to the rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society. Our liability insurance covers all activities as professional lawyers, irrespective of where such activities are performed. Our insurance company is Söderberg & Partners.

As lawyers we are subject to the special rules applicable to lawyers’ activities. These rules can be found on the website of the Danish Bar and Law Society, where you can also find the procedures for filing a complaint of a lawyer’s conduct or fee. The Danish Bar and Law Society’s address is Kronprinsessegade 28, 1306 Koebenhavn K.

In connection with legal proceedings and legal counselling, we are processing personal data. You can find our privacy policy under the tab “Privacy Policy

We are registered as follows:

Labora Legal v/Anne Kathrine Schøn, CVR No. 33 10 51 77

Labora Legal v/Catrine Søndergaard Byrne, CVR No. 35 98 73 63

Labora Legal v/Tina Reissmann, CVR No. 38 20 29 95

Labora Legal v/Jeppe Jørgensen, CVR No. 38 41 56 89

​Labora Legal v/Signe Renée West, CVR No. 38 68 78 08